Fishkill Farms is a historic apple orchard that has been in the Morgenthau family for nearly 100 years. After leasing the farm to outside management for a period, Robert and Josh Morgenthau, the second and third generation of the farm family, took the operation back in 2007. Soon, a team began to develop, and Josh took over management of the farm. With the hard work and dedication of the team, Fishkill Farms has grown from a conventionally farmed apple orchard in need of new trees and new tractors, into a diversified, ecological farm with new orchards and infrastructures. Here are the additions to the farm in the past few years:15 acres of diverse vegetable plantings, pasture-raised hens, many acres of new fruit trees, farmer's markets nearby and in New York City, and a pick-your-own CSA. The mission of the farm has been to marry its historic identity as a family "u-pick" apple orchard, with the Fishkill Farms team's shared goals of diversification and environmental stewardship through sustainable farming methods.


Fishkill Farms Mission Statement:

We believe that, though a farm can be many things, at the center it is a working place where food is produced. One of the greatest global challenges we face is to grow food in harmony with nature. Good agricultural practices benefit our health today and for generations to come. We are committed to steering our farm away from outside inputs and towards a self-sustaining system. We are confident that even in our difficult New York climate, we can grow good apples-- apples that are nutritious for us and for the land. We pledge to improve our growing methods each season in service to this ideal. What happens to food after it is harvested can be as important as what happens before. The community that supports our farm is as crucial as the soil in which the crops are grown. These four principles guide us on our path:


Diversity: The synergy of diverse plants and animals raised together creates a balanced ecosystem, returning fertility to the earth naturally.


Ecology: Healthy soils promote disease resistance in plants and reduce the need for chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Providing habitats for diverse insect and animal populations helps keep pests in check.


Locality: Food that does not travel long-distance is fresher and often riper, since it does not need to be stored for long periods of time. Direct sales to local customers allow us to focus on quality, not quantity.


Community: The farm is more that just a place where food is grown. We hope our neighbors will see us as a place where they can come to learn about farming, relax with friends and loved ones, and enjoy a communal open space.


Pitchfork Hard Apple Cider is made only with

Hudson Valley fresh, organically grown apples from Fishkill Farms.

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